August 7, 2008

Marie and Greg's Wedding in Paradise

So it's been an awfully long time since Marie and Greg's wedding, but I wanted to share some of the photos since it was so beautiful! The wedding was in the cute little surf town of Sayulita, north of Puerto Vallarta on the west coast of the mainland of Mexico.

We stayed in an incredible "compound" of houses right on the beach with a view of the sunset.

It was a whole week of fun in the sun culminating with Marie and Greg's western-style wedding in a thatch-roofed palapa on a bluff above the crashing waves. Unfortunately, no photos of the ceremony, I was too busy crying my eyes out. After dinner there was a surprise fireworks display and then we danced for hours. There's a rumor that I did some synchronized swimming back in the pool at the compound later that night, but don't trust everything you read on the internet.

The next day there was a Korean-style wedding with some giving of wooden ducks and throwing of dates and nuts. The bride and groom looked like dolls in their traditional outfits.

And then on the last day we stayed with Champang at her cliff-top rental house with this incredible pool.

I was just as happy as I've ever been, lying in an eternity pool with a book and a glass of white wine. I'm just going to imagine myself back there...

If you're interested in the rest of the photos, look at the web album here.

Marie and Greg