January 7, 2009

10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

1) Watching sunrises. Photographing people watching sunrises.

2) Designing my dream house on Google Sketchup
3) Taking photos of birds (no, this is not the same as bird watching and don't ever call me a bird nerd!)

4) Knitting baby hats and then making my dog pose for pictures modeling the hats.

5) Ravelry.
6) Using only solar power for electricity and hot water.
7) The view from my private yoga studio. In the morning, I see rays jumping, sea lions, and occasionally dolphins. In the evenings there is an osprey who comes to hunt along the shoreline. There are always flying fish and pelicans to watch.

8) That time early in the morning when the only sound is the waves.
9) This picture (from December 15th.)

10) This video (from yesterday.)