April 23, 2010

Fabric Flower Garlands

My beautiful little sister Leandra is getting married here in June so there's been a lot of gardening, crafting, building, and cement pouring happening these last few weeks. We had a little party for her over the weekend; all the girls got together to help her get a start on some of the decorations. It was really just an excuse to try out potential "signature cocktails" but we also got a little (easy!) crafting done. I wanted to feature one of the projects here: these little fabric flower garlands. They're super simple to make, require almost no sewing and (just like my sweet sister) are so pretty and joyful. So grab a bit of fabric, some ribbon, and a needle and thread and let's get started.

First: cut a strip of fabric as wide as you want your flowers to be. Fold it up, lay something round on top (a jar lid or drinking glass works great) and trace a circle.

tracing circles

Cut 8 to 12 circles out, don't worry about being precise here.

cutting circles

Grab one circle and fold it into quarters so that it makes a little point.

folding circles

Run your threaded needle through the point of the folded circle. Don't worry if you don't have matching thread, it won't really show.

sewing circles

Keep adding folded circles, just like stringing beads on a necklace, until you've got 10 or 12 circles together.

stringing circles

Tie off your string, fluff up the circles, and like magic you've got a flower! Now make a couple more flowers in lots of beautiful colors.

finished flowers

Attach the flowers to ribbon with a little "x" of two stitches.

attaching flowers

Now hang it up and get ready to party!

flower garland

Stay tuned for a recipe for the chosen cocktail...