December 23, 2008

Santa arrives in Baja!

He came a little early and he left the reindeer and sleigh behind...

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Merry Christmas everyone!

December 22, 2008

My first (semi-)professional photography job

Well, I didn't exactly get paid or anything... but we (Humphrey, Arnoud, Tim and I) did get to go for free on an amazing kite trip. Check out the photos at Downwind Kiting's website. Mostly the section about the Isla Cerralvo trip, but also some of the website's promotional photos. I took most of the pictures and Arnoud modeled for some of them. I might even get paid to take photos for them if they sell some excursions! And I've been asked to be the "professional photographer" during the freestyle clinic with the pro rider for f-one. Wish me luck!

December 12, 2008

Back in Baja Blogland

So we've been having a nice time relaxing into our vacation. We set up a nice camp -- a whole house with living area, a nice large kitchen, a shower, and a front yard with a hammock and a view of the sea.
The wind has been sporadic but we've still gotten a fair amount of time on the water. Arnoud has been working on his Raleys (pictured below) and backrolls with 180 transitions. I'm working on not face planting or digging in my edges or looking like I'm sitting on the toilet. Oh, to be Arnoud!
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I did ride Arnoud's strapless surfboard for the first time yesterday. Very exciting to do, not terrribly exciting to watch. It'll be awhile until I brave the waves.
We went on an overnight to the Isla Cerralvo, 14 miles off the coast, with 11 friend on a cat-hull powerboat with a 250 hp motor and a built in blender.
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We set up camp on a beach, deserted except for us and a few marked turtle nests. After a day of playing in the water and on the beach -- kiting, spearfishing, snorkelling, and swimming; frisbee, shell hunting, sunbathing and hiking -- we ate dutch-oven enchiladas and chiles rellenos by the campfire and watched great big meteors streak across the sky.
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From 2008_12_08

The next day we crossed back; Arnoud and several others kited downwind as Humphrey and I enjoyed the boat ride and took hundreds of photos. Here's a few for you to enjoy!