August 5, 2010


Foggy Summer

It's been a foggy cool summer here in northern California but our family garden is growing riotously in spite of the weather.

Pole Beans and Cosmos

I share the garden with my sister-in-law Tiana, my mom, and my sister Leandra. Tiana and I usually like a structured, well-kempt sort of garden with mostly veggies, but this year we've given in to chaos and flowers and it's really beautiful! Plus the bees are loving all the blooms and we've had plenty of cut flowers (which came in handy for the flower arch at Leandra's wedding.)

It's been such a pleasure to get into the garden lately, always some hidden little treat to discover.

Summer Squash

Ripening Tomatoes

The cool weather has slowed the ripening of the tomatoes, but we've finally got some yellow cherries.

Cherry Tomato

Eating Tomatoes

The cucumbers are finally (after three failed plantings!) coming along.

Cucumber Curls

And of course we've got more lavender than we can possibly harvest. Good old lavender, dependable no matter what the weather brings. Tiana's been making lavender hydrosol and I've been stuffing little sewn toys.

Lavender Harvest

We dug some shiny new potatoes. Finn thinks they're delicious raw.

New Potatoes

Finn's finally able to hang out in the garden without needing all my attention. He still likes to put things in his mouth, but now it's usually tomatoes or peas rather than rocks. And only once was it a snail! Of course kid-friendly play areas help.

Bean Teepee

And it's a good thing he's washable!

Dirty Helper