September 13, 2009

Hemming Jeans in 15 Minutes

I have short legs. Very short legs. And is it just me, or are jean legs getting longer? All those beautiful expensive jeans seem to come only in 36 inch inseams. I think they're trying to give me a complex. Of course, I could spend $25 to get my jeans hemmed professionally, but since I'm cheap thrifty, I figured I could find a way to do it myself. And let me tell you, this has been life changing. All it takes is 15 minutes, a measuring device, and a bit of sewing (I used a machine, but you might even be able to sew your jeans by hand) and the results are nothing short of magical. And with all the money I'm saving, I might just be able to buy myself that pair of premium jeans.

1) First, try on your jeans and the shoes you'll usually wear with them and cuff the jeans to exactly the length you'd like. Pin this cuff in place before removing the jeans. This step is a bit easier if you have a partner to help you pin.

2) Next, measure the length of the cuff including the original hem. We'll call this measurement A.

Unpin the cuff and re-pin it to measure 1/2 of measurement A excluding the original hem.

For example: if measurement A is 2 inches including the hem, your pinned cuff should measure 1 inch excluding the hem.

3) Using a thread color to match your jeans, sew this cuff in place. Use a straight stitch and stitch as close as you possibly can to the original hem.

4) Finish by pressing the cuff up out of the way inside your jeans and then tack the cuff in place by making a few stitches at both of the side seams. This will keep the cuff from drooping down and ruining the magic.

That's it! Now throw on those fancy jeans and walk tall. Add a pair of heels and no one has to know you've got a 30 inch inseam.

I'll stick with my dirty flip-flops though. Just keepin it real.


  1. very helpful, I'll have to try this when I learn how to use my sewing machine, thanks Jaz! ~Melina

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  2. Uhhh, will those expensive jeans make my butt look big if I hem them?

  3. Martha Stewart of the hill people. :)

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