May 2, 2010

We're Getting Bees!

We had our first class yesterday and my head is spinning a bit with all the information.

outlaw beekeeper
Our teacher, the "Outlaw Beekeeper" of Sonoma County

bee frame

By the end of the season, we could have 80 pounds of honey. To get that honey, the worker bees will have flown 4,400,000 miles (that's more than nine round-trip visits to the moon) and visited 160,000,000 flowers! Whew!

worker bees

Our queen and her brood should be ready to come home with us next week.
Do you see the queen?

queen bee

We all held one of the bee-covered frames; it's surprising how calm the bees on the frame are, but with other bees flying all around, it was still exhilarating and a little terrifying.

beekeeper tiana
Tiana and Leandra hold bees for the very first time

Have any of you kept bees? Any advice for us novices?


  1. exciting!
    no experience here, but i've enjoyed watching the videos from the guys at the gardenfork podcast ( they're starting their second year as beekeepers, so they're still beginners, but they share a lot of their process in the videos and discussions on their site. a lot of interesting stuff there!

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  2. Ohhh, so exciting! I can't wait to have space to keep bees - or to find an appropriate space in NYC to keep some!

  3. wow how neat! I am so envious of your newest endeavor!Good luck and Mahalos for posting such fun,inspiring and beautiful blogs! They are the highlight of my day!