July 26, 2010

Time flies

Finn's First Birthday
This little boy turned one last week. And not content with becoming a toddler in age only, he has since learned to walk and said his first word: "dog" (or his first word besides "uh-oh" and "wow" which don't seem to count.)
He's brought so much joy to my life and it's hard to remember the person I was just 12 short months ago. I've learned so much -- about patience and gratitude and flexibility. And I feel so lucky to know this happy, cuddly, outgoing, energetic, jolly, funny little person.
Happy Birthday, sweet boy. Many blessings and endless love.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, may you be surrounded by Endless Love, may those around you be strong enough to speak the Truth to you, and may your challenges and pitfalls be challenging but not scarring.

    Every day I see you is a day of Grace.