December 8, 2007

Adventures on the Water

We went windsurfing the other day. Arnoud did a few good laps and then it was my turn. I climbed up on the board and sailed right off… for about 15 feet before I did a very graceful butt flop. The water was still only thigh high, so I stood up to climb back onto my board and stepped on something slippery and moving! So I did what any self-respecting woman would do — I let out a high pitched shriek and leapt all the way on top of my board. As I screamed to Arnoud what had happened, he jumped straight up at least a foot and a half because he had stepped on one too. And so we found out there are stingrays in the Loreto Bay. Needless to say, we swam straight back to the beach without letting our feet touch the sand and cut our windsurf session short. We’ll have to go somewhere a bit deeper next time.
We spent a day on the water with Romeo Cota, the mayor of the pueblo from which we are hoping to purchase land. We went out to “our beach” and visited. It really is beautiful and peaceful and dramatic all at once.
Afterwards, we took Humphrey and the mountain bikes for a ride on the cow trails between beaches and ended up at El Santuario where some of Arnoud’s former coworkers from Blue Waters Kayak are hanging out and waiting for their kayak guide work to start. There’s a really beautiful beach there with free (no facility) camping that we’ve decided to move to. I’ve arranged with a nearby hotel and rv park to sit by their pool and use their wifi everyday, a tropical office. We’ll be much happier living on a beach than here in town, although it will be a bit less convenient and we won’t get fresh tortillas and aguas frescas everyday.

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