December 8, 2007

Travelling South

We’ve had a longer than hoped for trip down, but it’s been relatively smooth sailing all the way. So much to tell you all…
We stopped in San Diego after a marathon, all-night drive. We stayed with Jorden (Arnoud’s friend from Boxtel, he was at our wedding) and Kristin. Had a lovely time there and got to see their new house as well as a bit of the city and Coronado. San Diego dogs have it great and Humphrey had a blast on one of the many dog friendly beaches as well as at happy hour at an outdoor bar with a spectacular view across the bay to the SD skyline. We stayed with Jorden and Kristin for Thanksgiving. Kristin made us a fantastic roast chicken, Arnoud made mulled wine (”gluhwein”). It was all so cozy that it made it a bit easier not to be with all my family. Thanks Jorden and Kristin!
We left for the border on Friday and almost made it to Ensenada before dark. We ended up at a campground where a surf contest was going to happen the next morning so we met lots of cool So Cal surfer dudes. Humphrey found out that in Mexico there are no leash laws and everything smells so fantastically bad!
On Saturday we finally made some real tracks, all the way into the desert highlands. Lots of boulders and weird Dr Seussian plants — it was spectacularly beautiful even before the sun set and the full moon rose. We started driving before dawn on Sunday, so we also got to see a sunrise over the desert. We took tons of photos — it was just unsettlingly beautiful! Unfortunately, Humphrey had his first encounter with a cactus and cried all the way back to the camper. He spent the rest of the morning pouting and resenting us for dragging him all the way down to this god-forsaken prickly place.

We made tracks further south all day and ended up on beautiful Playa Requeson where we watched the sunset and Humphrey made a little friend and decided that he likes Baja after all.

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